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this place is a prison

and these people aren't your friends

. a certain tragedy .
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hi! *waves* im jade a fifteen year old girl from san diego, california. i have been told i worry too much about everything, and i know i do. im easily loved or hated. thats really up to you. i could not live without music, friends, or my writing. im flyin solo at the moment. i listen to bands you either have or never heard of. i can be very emo at times. i can be bitchy. i am very opinionated. i love photography and poetry. im an animal lover. i HaTe ThOsE wHo TyPe LiKe ThIs. my other passion is in sports. soccer, foremost. im anti-racism, and im for same sex marriages. im anti-abortion. if you need to contact me you can IM me on xxHEART vandal, or just leave me a comment. my journal is friends only due to the fact that there are some ignorant fucks in this world who cannot keep their mouths shut. but dont worry, your easily let in, just comment. that is all<3

If guys had periods, they would brag about their tampon size.

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Marriage is love.

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